PDF to Word

Convert all your documents from PDF into WORD even if pdf is images ( NOT applicable to copy from it)

Convert Arabic and English books in PDF format to Word

Utilize the most up-to-date image scanning techniques to extract the text, then transform it into editable Word text. capable of handling any text whether it is written in Arabic or English

With Schobot, even the largest and most challenging PDF publications may be converted to WORD

Whatever the size of the book or the study, and whether it is a scanner, encoder, or cannot be handled, Schobot may convert it to Word. There are no restrictions on the number of books that can be converted

Unprecedented quality in PDF to Word conversion

The robot uses the most recent artificial intelligence technologies, but the quality of the conversion depends on how well the source PDF file is created. Additionally, the page that is written in Arabic and English, such as a research page with Arabic margins or English paperwork, or contracts that are printed in two columns. On the same conversion page, the two languages are present

Converting the most challenging PDF images accurately

Because the robot enhances the quality of the images uploaded to it through processing stages to give the maximum accuracy in the output, and supports various resolutions, you may upload the scanner and the robot will handle it and output the text written

You will reach correct Arabic words in an open way that you can copy and use

The most challenging language to convert is Arabic; upload a PDF to Schobot, and the language will be changed into terms that are easy to understand and can be copied, changed, added to, or deleted


Trial pdf

  • done 1 PDF files
  • done Convert pages per PDF file up to 50
  • done Total PDF pages up to 50
  • done Chatbot support