About Schobot

Schobot is a very advanced search engine made for researchers. It depends on a next generation artificial intelligence technology that saves long time and great effort for academic researchers. Forget all the manual useless hard work and let our advanced A.I. technology assist you in your academic writing journey.

Our A.I. powered robot has a very advanced file converter that can convert almost any academic paper or book to an editable text format which will save you a lot of manual typing. It is also powered a unique A.I. search engine that can scan all the uploaded scientific resources and select a most relevant paragraphs to your research. The third powerful tool Schobot has is the deep translation, so you can upload resources from different languages and translate the paragraphs you will quote into Arabic (more languages will be added soon).

Imagine that you can double or triple your research productivity without affecting the quality of your research. Schobot is not a chatbot, so it doesn’t replace you as a researcher. However, it cuts a lot of useless reading and manual typing and gives you only the information that will enrich your research in very short time with very little work from your side.


Save Long Hours of Untargeted Reading

Schobot Will Do Most Of The Heavy Lifting For You And Save Your Effort And Time